Cleansing Duo: Palo Santo + Selenite

Cleansing Duo: Palo Santo + Selenite

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Have you been told to cleanse your cyrstals and your space? Both of these pieces absorb unwanted energies.

Selenite is a crystal that allows for positive vibes as it clears the space around it from any negative energy. Use this to cleanse your crystals by placing them on top of the selenite for an hour to allow the selenite to work its magic. Keep it close to your heart to purify anything that is weighing heavy on both your heart and spirit.

Palo Santo comes from Peru and is used to smudge your space and crystals. The name translates as, “holy wood,” and it has the ability to calm any high, unwanted vibrations in a space. The smell of the wood has a sweet and earthy scent unlike sage. The wood lasts a long time and even if you’re smudging (cleansing) weekly, it will last for 4 to 6 months.

This includes one piece of 3” selenite and a 4” piece of Palo Santo.

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