Corporate Yoga

Everyone wants to improve the health of their employees as well as their bottom line. Allow Infinite Warrior to organize and plan a corporate yoga program as part of an integrated employee wellness program or a stand-alone benefit for your employees as a whole. Yoga in the workplace will aid with employee drive, determination, and productivity. Infinite Warrior provides you with custom, semi-private yoga classes held either in your office space or a nearby facility. The added bonus of on-site classes allows for employees to spend downtime to both refresh their mind and body without the added component of travel. 

  • The mats, blocks, straps, and any other necessary props are provided for the students that need them. 
  • The whole experience will be tailored to fit your employees. As time progresses, the schedule, format, and tempo of the classes will be determined to meet your expectations and needs. 

Depending on your goals and expectations, Infinite Warrior can plan a one-time event or weekly classes to meet the needs of your labor force. Here are a few examples of a few companies that we have helped come up with a plan that suited their needs:

  • A nationwide technology consulting firm needed a way to both improve and elongate the quality of life of their employees. Infinite Warrior organized a one-day group program that was available both in person and online to accommodate both seasoned practitioners as well as those new to yoga. 
  • A local gym wanted to draw in their own employees as well as other existing members to yoga to help them stand apart from other fitness centers. Infinite Warrior developed two workshops to cater to both the employees and existing members to help demonstrate how yoga could only improve their current fitness practice as well as their entire being as a whole.
  • Teachers at local high schools met before and/or after school weekly, monthly, or quarterly on site. Infinite Warrior taught various sequences based on the needs and requests from the staff to help relieve stress and tension brought on by the school year. 

Corporate yoga cost varies based on site location, the number of participants, frequency of sessions, and length of classes.  Please call for pricing 630-791-0529.