Balance what you can balance!

Hi yogis!

Welcome to my journey sharing my household's motto, "all yoga all the time." Yoga has definitely changed my life and I love sharing how the little things that I do now impact my life and everyone surrounding me. 

Today I was daydreaming back to the last trip to Maui practicing right up on the northwest coast on that rugged ocean side. There's something about ardha chandrasana (half moon) that just makes you realize how strong you actually are. Talk about balance! With this cold, snowy Chicago weather, it feet pretty awesome to be able to rock this ardha chandrasana in my living room today while watching the snow fall outside while I was warm inside. 

Later this afternoon I was working on some new pieces from my jewelry collection after getting inspired from my practice. You can check them out on: . I've been sporting this one lately as it makes a statement, yet it still goes with everything I wear, not to mention I can wear it in class. Bonus!

Preparing for class tomorrow morning, I've been putting together a nice song mix of Florence and the Machine, Marina and the Diamonds, and Lily Allen. 

What are your favorite artists for practicing? Share below! Looking forward to your ideas. 


Sterling om charm on a sterling silver chain from my etsy shop -