Exciting Saturday news to share!

Happy sunny Saturday yogis!

Even though it was only 10 degrees this morning, the sun seemed like he perfect invitation to walk a mile to grab a bite at Floriole. If you're wondering if there's an indoor space that provides me with inspiration, hands down that's the place for me. We walked in and Stevie Wonder tunes were filling the air, both floors full of hipsters, yogis, and folksters. How could you not love that place?

Once the coffee arrived, it was time to get to work! 

So today's excitement is all about the extension of my jewelry line to a more young, modern crowd. The whole idea seems genius as there's a need for an affordable, trendy, bohemian style look with the Tiffany quality but the Target pricing! Thankfully I'm all about bargains and saving money when you can, so this was a challenge I was excited to take on this morning. It looks like I should have some prototypes by the tail end of next week to show to the boutique that has requested them! How fun. Pictures to follow of course!

I also rolled out the new Spring inspired cards the other day. I was thrilled to have another pop of color as an option for everyone as they are giving us a little taste of the warmer weather we will have sooner rather than later. Spring where are you? 

Time to get my locks chopped and then back to the drawing board so that I get those pieces done soon. Enjoy your Saturday yogis and don't forget, get on that mat if you haven't already today. You're mat is calling you! 

Namaste yogis & much love and light to you,


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