When it rains, it pours. Yes, that's a good thing!

Yogis! The weekend is here!

What a fabulous Friday. Started off the morning with a boutique that wants to carry my card line and can I just say, it's a place I frequent a lot! How fabulous is that? I'll share the news of the location and name followed by pictures once I get them their order next week. So exciting. Not to mention I am putting together a set of jewelry samples for a handful of local yoga studios. It will be nice to share those with my yogi friends tomorrow. Back to the cards though. I literally was making hundreds of envelopes today. Hundreds. Man do they look awesome! I love the polka dots. 

I had an interesting moment today when I was practicing. I've had the privilege of practicing with a group of yogis that is a mix of newbies and seasoned. I often wonder who I learn more from, no joke. Today one of the newbies reached out to me asking about the dolphin pose. She has a very similar body type to myself so we are often comparing ourselves to one another in poses trying to see where the other one is at and if we can share advice as to how to get further into a pose. We are currently doing a plank challenge for the month of February and today the question was, "Why is it in dolphin I cannot get my feet flat?" Sure enough I hit the deck to get into dolphin and my feet are no where near flat. Wow. This was an eye opener. Can I just say that this is one of the many reasons I practice yoga? I am 100% goal orientated. It's in my blood. I thrive on it. I love having goals of being able to excel into the next expression of a pose. But clearly I have a ways to go in dolphin! So now we have a dolphin daily practice to work on that for a month or two, until our feet meet the earth. 

What a day! Looking forward to yoga tomorrow afternoon with my lady rat pack.

Don't forget to maintain your journey to being an infinite warrior with me! 


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