Tick, tock. It's almost the weekend!

Hi yogis, 

What a week this has been! I had so much fun today as I managed to pick up a bunch of new beads including some lava stone beads from Hawaii and some gorgeous aqua agate, and semi precious amazonite! My partner in crime today was helping pick out the strands and kept telling me to get "more pretty" stones. She absolutely loved the aqua agate, and let's be honest, so do I! 

Baby in one arm and purse on the other!

Baby in one arm and purse on the other!

I cannot wait to get started on these bracelets tomorrow because then I can share some of the creations this weekend with everyone. I am getting excited as we have a jewelry show coming up and a trunk show in the summer. Looking forward to getting to know some more of the yogis that are wearing the Infinite Warrior jewelry! 

This weekend we are having Bee's christening at the yoga studio and I cannot wait! We are having this very intimate ceremony and incorporating the gong, the singing bowls, acoustic guitar, and flute. One of the readings that we are using is the infamous, "Love is patient, love is kind..." which is one that really resonates in our household and something that we like to carry out onto others. Isabella's dress finally arrived and we were thrilled to have her try it on to make sure that it fit. This dress totally fits her personality as she definitely is the type of person that makes a notably big and positive impression on anyone and everyone. Now all that needs to happen is the pressing of the dress and we should be set. We were on a mission today to find her a big pink hair bow for the occasion to match her pink sparkly shoes, but we had little luck. 

Look at that flower! <3

Look at that flower! <3

Tonight I had a great practice with Vanessa & Loreta. Looking forward to posting the challenging sequence I came up with the other night. I am having so much fun with finding new transitions between poses that you wouldn't typically pair together! So fun!

When I wake up tomorrow morning, Vanessa will be leaving for TT in 21 days! Wow. Where is the time going? I am so excited for her. What an opportunity!

Love & light yogis, 


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