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Happy Monday!

One of the pieces from the summer line with the Chicago skyline in the background. 

One of the pieces from the summer line with the Chicago skyline in the background. 

It's been a busy few weeks, but thankfully things are coming along well for the trunk show in June! I'm rather excited to actually speak to the people that have purchased my jewelry as well as those that have been following me on Instagram. It's so fun sharing something that you're passionate about with other people.

This past weekend I also went to check out some potential boutiques for both the IW greeting card collection and the jewelry line. Walking around to some of the different boutiques and enjoying the sunny, warm weather was just what I needed. Fortunately I think that with all of the searching, I found some stores that seem like great fits. More to come on the locations once I have some commitments! 

Don't forget to check out two of the latest locations to get the greeting cards in the suburbs. One is at Alikat in Glen Ellyn, and the other is at Yoga By Degrees in Wheaton. Oh and more fabulous news to share! YBD will also be selling some of the jewelry starting later this week. So don't hesitate to check out both places! Even if you aren't a member or someone that practices yoga, the YBD studio will welcome you in and allow you to check out their yoga clothing and accessories so don't worry about that! 

Another piece from the summer line!

Another piece from the summer line!

People have been asking about the meaning of the tassels since I've been sharing a lot of pictures from the summer line. In ancient times the tassels were worn as both a symbol of protection warding off any evil spirits or demons. The thought is similar to that of the third eye or red. Not only do I love those qualities, I just love the looks of the tassels. It's just an added bonus of detail to the already beautiful arm candy. 

On June 8th & 9th Infinite Warrior will be at the Deerfield Show! If you're interested in finding out more about buying wholesale through Infinite Warrior, don't hesitate to stop by. If it's easier to talk outside of the show, feel free to send me an email or give me a call with dates that work. 

Looking forward to sharing more of my designs with all of you! 

Love & light,


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