Yoga Etiquette 101

Hi yogis, 

Camel pose!

Camel pose!

Alright, enough already. I am so beyond the whole idea of people being so unaware of their surroundings in a yoga studio. Clearly this transition from being a little socialite and chatting it up with everyone and everything to walking in and respecting everyone's moment of silence is still a challenge. Today we experienced the true test of that and honestly, the yoginis rocked it. 

Let's start out with the basics: 

  • Ring, ring, ring! Obviously there's a reason why people practice yoga without their electronics and somehow manage to get by. What is the obsession with cell phones in the class room? Is it really necessary to check it for texts between forward folds? If you really need it in the classroom, make sure it's on silent and don't allow it to disturb your neighboring yogis. 
  • Just like a library. There is a reason people love the peace and quiet in the yoga space; that's one of the many reasons they come. have respect for all of the yogis and let them have their personal time and stillness. When you enter the room, it's not time for a conversation. If you need to chat, go on the other side of the door. End of story. 
  • Move over! Make some room yogis when you see ample space between you and another mat. People always come late, so make it easy for them to stroll in and feel welcomed. You can always stagger the mats when the class is busy. 
  • Shoes, candy, food, water, etc. The space is made for yogis, their mats, and something to help hydrate. Make sure to respect the space when it comes to walking in with bare feet rather than running in with your shoes on. Don't come in snapping your gum, leaving wrappers on the floor, and allowing your water bottle to sweat on the floor without wiping that up before you leave. 
  • Tick flipping tock. Let's face it. People are late. It's a fact of life. Life happens. You never know, it might be you one of these times. Don't bother giving someone the stink eye when someone walks in late. Who knows how bad they need that class. 

Did that help or was I just preaching to the choir? Check out Sunday's blog for mat etiquette. 

Love & light,