Loving life! Sometimes you just need to be selfish.

Hi yogis! 

What a fabulous day! Hopefully you had a wonderful Monday as well.

My motto has always been the same, and I've tried to always spread the word. I'm all about being able to spend your life doing what makes you happy and enjoying the rewarding freedoms that come along with that. Things are so much easier to digest mentally when you don't have to bombard yourself with things that really don't serve you in the least. 

Today was yet another reminder of that for me. For starters my Kickstarter video was launched today, which is so exciting. The thought of being able to take my business to the next level is mind blowing. I absolutely love what I do and the thought of being able to continue on this path of sharing the healthy lifestyle with everyone that is interested and willing to try, thrills me to no end!

Check it out here:


I taught class tonight and realized when I sat down initially to center the class that everyone's mind was so far disconnected from the mat. My job is to do just the opposite of that but this challenge was going to be even bigger for me because one of the students was new to my class. I asked everyone if there was anything that they wanted to work on. "My back hurts, can you give me something that will help that? I've been sitting at my desk all day." The other students just looked at me with the most puzzled looks on their faces and shook their heads. I knew we needed something serious to focus on to escape the Monday gloom!

Without going into too much detail, I will tell you this. I absolutely love what I do. I cannot think of anything else that would be more fun than this; really I cannot. I am challenged with new things every single day to help people forget and show them how to escape all of the monkey chatter for 60 minutes. When I tell students that it's OK to be selfish they often are confused where I am going with that thought. The reality is, without that time on the mat, no one ever really takes time to focus on just oneself. Even if the yoga is a complete mental practice, it's yoga. It's meditation. It's learning to welcome what serves you. It's learning to escape things that don't serve you in the least. It's drawing yourself inward. It's allowing for the outside to stay at bay and for each and every person to focus on the now. Simply being present. Having full body awareness. Such simple concepts, but often things that we are so foreign to. 

Take the time people to be selfish. I always tell people that yoga doesn't happen until you leave your mat. I truly mean that when I say that. Own it and the rest will follow. 

Love & light yogis!