My take on health, nutrition, and fitness.

Good evening, yogis!

Over the years we have read about various diets, fads, and theories on the best things to do for weight loss.  My question is, why are we always advocating just weight loss.  What if we just encouraged health and wellness?  Isn’t that the main outcome?  Everyone has different goals, and weight loss might be a main one for some of us. Instead we have to look at the body and its functions as a whole.  Not as a means to an end to fit in those jeans hanging in our closet. Health is a life long journey.  A few weeks of dieting will only end in a ridiculous binge when those weeks come to an end.  The diet-binge-repeat cycle is not a lifestyle and is mentally and physically draining.  

Start Small…

Why not make changes little by little to start the path of feeling good and improving our health and weight loss would just be like a bonus.  Eliminating one specific thing completely from our diets is hard! Is it really realistic to think that you will never eat a carbohydrate again for the rest of your life? Or a sweet treat? Or meat?  If you can be that disciplined and want to be that disciplined, then by all means go that route.  But I think if we can start by limiting not eliminating, our diets can become a lifestyle and not a fad.  Eventually, these small changes will pile up to compose a complete healthy life.

When you decide you want to start a diet, you have already determined that there is something you can change to make yourself feel and look better.  That’s really the first step!  Think of something you can do daily or weekly to move toward the goal you want.  If you want to eat less carbohydrates, for example, maybe take the carbohydrate out of one of your meals.  Do this for a week, then add stopping eating carbs as a snack, and continue like this as you feel necessary.  Even that small change will show you results and change the way you’re feeling. It will also reassure that you are capable of changing your ways.  Trying to stop eating all carbs (carbohydrates just as an example) all at the same time will only leave you to cheat or binge and feel like achieving your goals are impossible because you are not strong enough.  Newsflash: you are stronger than you think.  

Exercise can be the same story.  If you make it your goal to suddenly get to the gym every day for an hour, this change might last a few weeks or months.  If you start exercising 3 times a week, or even everyday but only for 10 minutes each day these habits may actually be attainable and might just catch fire to bigger changes.  

Health is something that you want to keep around forever, not just for that 30 day challenge or cleanse.  What can you do today to make a positive change in your health?

Health and lots of love,