There is Always Some Place to Go!

Good evening, Warriors! 

What a busy day over here at the Panno household! Yoga, yoga, and more yoga. 

Tonight we were all shocked to hear the news of Robin William's death. Whether it was a surprise or not, it still is alarming news. Mental illness plagues us more and more. The thought of welcoming help is foreign to many. When I read that he took his own life I was just crushed. Knowing that someone is suffering that bad really is unimaginable to me. But it's not uncommon. 

Robin Williams

Robin Williams

One of the things that I talk about over and over again in class is, "there's always some place to go." For many, that seems like such an easy thing to understand as I teach mostly level 1 and early level 2 students. The room for growth to the next level is there and they completely understand the thought of having some place to go. 

I have failed to talk about the thought of taking that phrase to the next level. The level where you realize that no matter what life brings you, to realize that there is always some place to go. Whether it's physical, spiritual, or mental. Control what you can control, Warriors. Own it. Know that you don't need to be embarrassed about the things that you continuously try and try again. Don't fret about the idea of having many challenges ahead of you before you reach your goal. Instead look at things in a different mindset. Know that those roadblocks are merely opportunities for your growth. 

Before I taught class tonight I talked with the students rather openly about mental illness and how I can see yoga being beneficial for those that suffer from it. I was rather curious to see the reaction of the students as I didn't know if anyone realized how beneficial yoga can be beyond the whole concept of flexibility. I was amazed and rather pleased to hear that everyone was in agreement with me and spoke of how they have suggested to family members, friends, and coworkers about the practice and what it could do for them. 

It's the little things, you know? Chin up, Warriors. Just don't forget that there's always some place to go and the rest will fall into place. 

Love & light, 


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