Gluten Free? Me too!

Hi Warriors,

Well, let's face it; being gluten free is a pain!

Like many of you, I have been gluten free for many years now.  I get it. I’m happy about it.  I feel good now.  I've learned the ins and outs of this lifestyle.  It’s great!  

I would just like to vent about the difficult times of being a g-free gal.

Packing for a weekend trip – you never know if they will have food you can eat where you are going and more than likely there will be no lunch for you at the airport.  Best get packing.

Parties/BBQs/ Events – Burgers, hot dogs, meats smothered in BBQ sauce, pasta salads, fried chicken, pizzas… all things you can’t eat! You can always find me showing up with my own bag of food which is really cool. 

Weddings – I hope you're not starving during cocktail hour!  The last wedding I was at, I think I ate 4 skewers of olives from the bar and at the one before that I may have been able to find a piece of cheese to hold me over.  Snacks in the purse people!  

Flippy Cup Games – Okay maybe I should be too old for this by now, but still.  Either way, our backyard parties always have a flippy cup table set up!  I'm so good at this game, it’s ridiculous. The problem is, the table is slathered in beer and the game also requires drinking beer (I don't recommend playing with vodka).  Thankfully, I have amazing friends who always wipe down a section of the table for me and road block it off with towels so foreign, gluten-laden beer doesn't make it’s way to my gluten-free beer section.  Still a pain though. 

Fast food – Are you in a hurry?  Too bad. Maybe it’s because I'm also a health nut that I wouldn't stop at one of the chain restaurants for something quick even if there wasn't gluten in it.  But really, Chipotle is my only option!  No sandwich shops, no drive throughs, no quick Dunkin Donut egg white delight for breakfast.   Planning ahead and purchasing ice packs is a must!

It’s really such a healthy thing and I'm so glad I've adopted this way of living because I feel so much healthier and my intestines are grateful.  There are just some times when it’s very inconvenient and you have to adjust.  I've learned to stock my purse and car with bars and almond butter and to always plan ahead.  When I remember to do all of these things, life is good.  Can any of you relate to these g-free struggles??

Talk to me, Warriors!

Health and lots of love,