Valor Games Midwest

Good evening, Warriors!

I still sit here in awe as to how amazing of an experience the Valor Games 2014 really was. Being surrounded by all of those people that truly risked their life to give everyone else freedom is really an incredible moment. Booth after booth of different organizations and clubs that all have the same focus: the goal was to help the veterans. What an incredible experience that day was and how I will never forget it. 

Story after story, I couldn't believe how open people were to trying yoga to help with different ailments, weight-loss, as an aid for PTSD, I love that people want to try alternative cures rather than medication. I know how much yoga has changed my life so I can only imagine how it could change theirs. 

There was one individual that I remember that I know that I will never forget. I was headed to another booth to introduce myself to another organization and he stopped me dead in my tracks. He started off telling me how someone had sent him to me, suggesting that healing stones were the answer. He started telling me about his pains and discomforts and I knew myself that the answer was beyond me. I knew that I had to get his pain to a manageable level first. I suggested that we go visit my colleague from The University of National Health Sciences. He agreed and as we walked closer and closer I was just humbled by this individuals take on life. He made it very clear that he would do it all over again if given the opportunity and I truly was amazed by him. I watched him sit with the doctor and explain his story. I couldn't believe how in just minutes he was relieved from the many pains that he was suffering from. 

That's just one story, one individual, one solution. There were so many people that were helped that day and for that I am thankful. I am truly thankful for the people that both want and see the need to help the people that fight for our freedom. It's beyond admirable folks. It really is. I sit here a week and a half later and I'm still in awe. I cannot wait for Valor Games Midwest 2015!

Love & light, 


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