One of the Many Reasons I Teach Yoga

Hi Yogis!

What a day and it's not even over yet! Yay! 

I started off this morning teaching and I had yet another amazing moment that reminded me why I teach yoga. I had a student today that had never practiced yoga before in his life. He hadn't mentioned this to me before class, so I had an opportunity to watch him in today's class without knowing what kind of experience he had previously. I will say that it was obvious that he worked out and had some sort of regular workout routine. After class he came up to me and we had about a 15 minute exchange on all of the things that he experienced during class and the euphoric feeling he felt after class. I have to admit the best part of our exchange was when I told him how it just keeps getting better and better throughout your practice. He later mentioned all of the things that he was trying to free himself of and I knew at that point that someone had given him some great advice as yoga truly could help him. This is exactly why I teach! I love knowing that people are aware of alternative ways to better themselves rather than medication. 

After class I went and had a fabulous meeting with a place that mirrors the goals that shares our vision. We are looking forward to announcing publicly the partnership that Infinite Warrior will share with a major healthcare university. Stay tuned! 

It's time for me to go to class! Namaste to that. 

Love & light, 



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