Incredibly Grateful for 2015 & Cheers to 2016!

Cheers to 2016, Warriors!

Can I just say, such an incredible year for Infinite Warrior! I am so incredibly grateful. It's interesting how my whole vision of absolutely everything started to change when I started to look through the world in the eyes of gratitude. I live in quite an amazing and fabulous place and have so many things that I am so truly grateful for. 

To acknowledge and have that friendly reminder for myself daily, I promise to post daily something that I am grateful for on Instagram by using #bagw in each post. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see these posts. My daily inspiration will come from a place that I recognize as a home away from home; my yoga mat. If you aren't already following me, find me on Instagram as BeAnInfiniteWarrior.

Thanks to yoga, I've learned what controls your mind control your life. It's important to remember that with every breath I take that I am creating space around my heart, and letting go of what's in my head. I need to trust what enters this space around my heart. This year I will invite in those things that I am grateful for into that space. Instead of allowing what's in my head to consume my mind and days, I will allow it to be the things that I am grateful for to cultivate and multiply in that space.  

Every single time I practice yoga I notice how differently I approach my daily tasks, people, and life itself. I truly believe that yoga isn't necessarily a practice that happens on the mat, but instead something that happens when one leaves the mat. I notice a significant difference in my own self after moving through that physical meditation. I'm often reminded of the response from Buddha when he was asked what he gained from meditation. The answer is almost alarming if not shocking when you read, "nothing," but it's what's said after that that really resonates with me even more and makes the initial, "nothing" make so much more sense. Instead the overwhelming truth of what he said that he lost is even more powerful. "Anger, anxiety, depression, [and] insecurity," are all things that he said that he lost, and all things that I have both experienced myself or seen others experience. 

After having such a busy November and December, I see myself being almost re-invited to that place I call home; my mat. It's not that I haven't practiced in months, but instead I just haven't had the amount of time that I would have liked to be on my mat. Often at the beginning of the year we are all filled with resolutions and a whole list of things that we would like to change, do, or maybe even eliminate from our lives. I recall last year having a different approach and instead encouraging people to embark on change whenever the moment seemed right or appropriate rather than waiting for a certain date or time of year. Following that thought, I will take the opportunity each day to have a new opportunity on my mat. 

I made the acquaintance of many friends and new Warriors at the Christkindlmarket in Oakbrook during the holiday season. So many people shared their stories with me of both their own personal triumphs and hurdles and those of their family members and friends that they were gifting this past holiday season. Following suit with my invitation to my yoga mat, I am reminded of a story from one Warrior that shared with me the life of her mother. She mentioned to me that twice a week her mother had two set dates that were untouchable. Immediately I thought to myself that the time must be set for her children, perhaps her parents, or maybe date night with her sweetheart. So curious as to who was promised those hours out of her week, I immediately asked who the lucky winner was. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that her dates were on her mat. She had two specific times she would take class a week and that was that; nothing could get in the way of those classes. Wow was I both internally in awe and inspired. 

Often we forget to take that time for ourselves and this Warrior reminded me once again of what's so important when she told me that story. That story is along the same lines of what I understand comes from a meditation. My new friend shared with me that her mom was not the same person if she somehow missed those moments for herself on her mat. All of a sudden a woman that once had patience, acceptance, an abundance of happiness, and confidence, no longer possessed those qualities. That acknowledgement of needing to be selfish for those few moments a week reminded me of the many benefits gained from the mat. Sometimes a reminder is all we need to be invited back to that place we call home.

With that being said, find that place that you call home and visit it often. Allow yourself to have those selfish moments so that you too can walk on that path filled with courage, patience, confidence, happiness, and understanding. Be grateful for that time you have for yourself and walk away from that space knowing that you're always welcome to come back. This year make time for yourself and be grateful, Warriors. For without making oneself a best self, one is not able to serve others to the best of one's ability. 

Cheers to 364 more days of gratitude, Warriors. 

Love & light, 


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