National Farmer's Day - Exploring Fall Produce

Today is National Farmer’s Day and what better way to celebrate than by taking a look at what you can still pick up at your local farmer’s market? Visiting your local market, even for just a few items, helps to support local agriculture, small business, and the environment! Shopping seasonally is also a great way to maintain an eco-friendly diet – let’s take a look at what you will find at your farmer’s market this fall.

Squash – There are so many delicious varieties of hearty squash (not to mention hundreds of ways to prepare them). You should be able to pick up acorn, butternut, and spaghetti and other more exotic varieties at your local market well into November.

Apples – Who doesn’t love apple pie, apple cider, and even just biting into a fresh, crisp apple? Apple season is in full swing – ask your vendor which variety is best for your recipe or for snacking. Most vendors are happy to share their opinions – and a sample – so you can pick one you’ll love.

Sweet Potatoes – This versatile veggie is a great addition to fall soups, veggie stir fries, and even desserts. More types of sweet potatoes are popping up at markets all over the country including red and even purple. Sweet potatoes are delicious baked with brown sugar and butter for a sweet treat or topped with chili for a hearty, cold weather meal. I love mine chopped up and tossed with coconut oil and some cayenne pepper and then roasted. Delicious!

Kale – These hearty green will be available well into the winter and can be eaten fresh or cooked. Massaging and marinating your kale will make it easier to digest and give it a big boost in flavor. Be sure to try a few different kinds such as curly, purple, or dino/lacinto kale!

Rhubarb – Rhubarb naturally fits with strawberries, but have you tried it alone? This vegetable looks similar to celery, however the complex flavor lends itself well to sweet and savory dishes. Try it baked into a sweet bread or cooked and blended into a rhubarb dressing for your kale!

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