National Pasta Day, Who Knew?

What a genius idea! A day dedicated to something that I've always loved, but that I just don't have very much of lately. I figured that I should share my top five dishes when I go out. 

5. Louise's Trattoria has this dish called, Pappadelle with Italian Sausage, Plum Tomatoes, and Fresh Garlic that's served in a tomato cream sauce and red chilies. - 801 N Jefferson St., Milwaukee

4. Salvatores has this dish made with gorgonzola tortellini in a white cream sauce and pears. It's heavy but so worth every single bite! - 525 W. Arlington Place., Lincoln Park, IL 

3. Antico Posto has Gnocchi with Mushrooms dish that is served in a brown butter sauce with crispy sage and parmesan. - 118 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, IL 

2. Gerard's has this insane shrimp pasta with truffle butter and hazelnut oil sauce that is topped with a cream fraiche and reggiano parmesan cheese. - 174 Lahainaluna Rd., Lahaina, HI (on Maui!)

1. Star Noodle has their infamous, Garlic Noodles with fresh and fried garlic and they are topped with green onion. They give you this hot sauce to mix in and promise me that you will try it. It takes perfection one step further. - 286 Kupuohi St., Lahaina, Hi (on Maui!) 

Of course two of my favorites are on Maui, but I promise you that it has more to do than just the location and atmosphere. All of the dishes I mentioned are phenomenal on their own.  

Love + light, 


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