A Dream Come True: Yoga as a Team

It happened and I'm confident it will happen again. On Friday, we all went and took a class together. Truthfully I would have loved for us all to have an hour afterwards to sit down and talk, share, and learn about what's new in everyone's life... maybe next time. 

Such a great week this past week, we are just weeks away from Christkindl. Lots of fun things have been happening in preparation for my favorite time of the year! I'll make sure to post pictures of some of the new bracelets, the amazing new necklaces and earrings, along with our holiday packaging! 

Just winding down from a fun weekend with all of my extended family that was in town. It's always fun to spend that time with them before all of the holiday chaos begins. Tomorrow is Halloween which translates to baking something with pumpkin, dressing the part for the holiday, and hopefully seeing the pumpkins in Whitefish Bay. Stay safe and be spooky!

Love + light, 


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