Five Great Reads for Your Weekend

Think Your Way to the Life You Want

               This book supplies people with ways to better control their thoughts and remain in a positive mindset. It gives you the tools, and what Doyle calls the “ha-ha” trick that will promote happy thoughts and feelings, all in less than 150 pages. Inside the book you will also find exercises that you, yourself, can do and a “belief map” that is also very beneficial when going through this process of transforming your thoughts.

The Magic of Thinking Big

                This book touched a lot on the importance of listening, and how that skill can help you relate and connect to others in a more meaningful way. Being able to connect with others and allowing themselves to be heard gives you the opportunity to be a big impact in that person’s life, and with that you can also take that role and allow yourself to become a positive influence in that person’s life as well. The Magic of Thinking Big is a great book for building self-confidence and how important it is to have faith in yourself and in others.

The Janitor

                The Janitor is a short read, but very inspiring. I would especially recommend this book to anyone that is in a relationship and struggling or finding it difficult to balance work-life and family. Throughout the course of the book there are six directives that can help remind people what they have to be grateful about for when people lose sight on what is truly important. Pray don’t pout and view family as a blessing, not a responsibility are two of my favorite directives from the book. I found the story in this book to be very relatable that has a very touching ending.

The Sociopath Next Door

                One in twenty-five Americans is a sociopath and America is of the countries that seems to produce more sociopaths than others. I liked this book because it allowed insight on this personality disorder, how to identify sociopathic behavior, and how you can protect yourself from becoming a target. Martha Stout, who has a PH.D. in psychology, wrote The Sociopath Next Door after twenty-five years of her practice with patients. While still maintaining the confidentiality of all of her patients, the events and people have been taken from her experience as a psychologist, which I found to make for a very interesting read.

Your Magnetic Heart

                This book’s focus is on attraction and connection, and how your thoughts either attract or repel what it is you want. This is a book that contains a new “secret” and story in each chapter and is intended for you to reach a new level of consciousness. He writes that his studies have shown him that 80 percent of what comes into our life and resonates with us emotionally, was brought to us by the magnetic attraction that comes from within our hearts. I would recommend this book to anyone who is intrigued by the idea behind “coincidence” and for who is looking to let a little magic into their lives.


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