Stay Home Because You're Well Day? Let's Celebrate!

Today is (we cannot make this up) ... Stay Home Because You're Well Day! This holiday is entirely devoted to celebrating your well being with healthy, balancing activities. So take a break from the traditional sick day where you are tied to your box of tissues and cold medicine and celebrate your health! Check out our list of healthy activities below - self care isn't just for Sundays anymore!

*Please note that this is for fun and most employers will not acknowledge this as an actual excused absence from work - play it safe and celebrate after work or better yet, take your wellness with you to work!*

  •  Go for a walk - not only is walking great for your heart, muscles, and bones, but it's also helps boost your mood. Get in touch with nature with a walk outside before the cold winter sets in!
  • Take a nap - we are all learning just how important sleep is for overall health. Catch up on your Z's with an afternoon snooze.
  • Read a book - whether you get lost in a novel or commit to a self improvement book, reading is a great tool to keep your brain sharp and relax after a long day.
  • Get organized - this one may sound like work, but it is incredibly refreshing to clean out your closet, office, or even just your inbox!
  • Catch up with a friend - boost your emotional health by calling a friend you haven't talk to in a long time. Maybe you can even get together for a holiday lunch date!
  • Try a new recipe - experimenting with a new, healthy ingredient or creating a new dish from scratch is great way to have fun and keep processed foods out of your diet.

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