4 Benefits of Yoga Practice

Both in living and teaching yoga, I’ve been provided with a purposeful mental focus, internal peace, and a better connection to other beings. There are elemental benefits of yoga practice that we’re all familiar with; an increase in flexibility, a developing core strength, etc. Here are some lesser-known, surprising benefits of yoga practice that you’ll so appreciate next time you’re on the mat:

Reverse wrap - Maui, Hawaii 

Ease migraines 

Although there are no direct causes of migraines, they’re often times linked to physical misalignment and mental stress. Yoga practice, even in the most elementary poses, brings the body back to its archetypal balance, while relieving stress levels with focused breath. 

Quartz Infinite Warrior healing stone bracelets help to cure headaches. Quartz, also known as the master healer, aids the crown chakra; amplifying and energizing clear thoughts.

Better sleep

Because yoga is a breath-focused, inward-driven form of exercise, it’s often exercising the mind most of all. When the mind is exercised, it is trained to slow down and let go of clouding thoughts and anxiety. Most often than not, sleep issues are linked to anxiety and a busy mind.

For this, amethyst is dreamy. Literally calming the mind and preparing us for sleep, amethyst Infinite Warrior healing stone bracelets prepare our bodies for a restful and recuperative sleep. 

Aids digestion

Yoga isn’t all just stretch and flow. Many of my favorite yoga poses involve challenging twists and bends. Our organs are working most effective when they're ‘woken up’ and kick started. Yoga twists are often the catalyst for a gut wake-up-call that we’re all in need of.

My agate Infinite Warrior healing stone bracelet assists in the removal of toxins in the stomach. Known as the ‘cleansing crystal,’ agate detoxifies our body’s energy; often times reducing food sensitivities as well.

Better sex

Yes, you read that right. Yoga practice can absolutely lead to a better sex life. Not only does yoga greatly improve flexibility, but it also speeds up the release of hormones (and we’re talking the good kind). With reduced anxiety levels and an increase in body awareness, our confidence levels sky rocket and we’re in charge of our own physical forms…producing the most pleasurable results! 

The winning sex stone is jasper. Our semi-precious jasper Infinite Warrior bracelet intensifies and prolongs pleasure. It's a deepening stone that helps with body awareness and understands how and what it takes to bring on that pleasure. Cheers to that!

Love & light,