Sovereigns of Self Love: 5 Instagram Accounts For Positive Beauty Messages

As much as I love social media, as it allows me to connect with my customers on a more personal level, it can be pretty taxing to the ol’ self-esteem. So many posts and hashtags add to the beauty pressures that we’re all too familiar with: #bikiniseason #thighgap #faddiet. Keeping your self-love levels sky high can be a difficult thing to do when those narrow definitions of beauty are popping up all over. 

The good news is, our self-love warriors are everywhere; you just need to know where to look. Here’s a list of my favorite IG accounts that promote self-love and positive beauty messages. Soak up their confidence boosting posts about sexy curves, healthy habits and saying yes to cake!

1. Raw Beauty Talks

2. Ashley Graham

Hello, World!

3. EFF Your Beauty Standards

This is the best quote ever!! Live by this!! - @notoriouslydapper

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Hello, World!

4. The Alison Show

5. Positive Body Image

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