My 8 De-stress Essentials

Some level of stress in our lives is inevitable. As a business-owner, mother, wife, sister & daughter, I feel stressed out at varying times of my life. Stress, to me, can sometimes be productive; my springboard to completing tasks and seeing projects through. However, stress can also weaken the well-being and sense of self. 

In order to be the best business-owner, mother, wife, sister & daughter that I can be, I’ve found 8 essential & somewhat unconventional de-stressors that improve my soul from the inside out. Whether you replicate this list to de-stress, or use it as a jumping off point for the creation of your own – tap into that inner peace!

My mat
There’s something really special about participating in a good group yoga class; however, some practice in the comfort of my own home really does the trick. On my own mat, in my own space, I can really let my inhibitions go and connect with a much deeper self - without those subtle distractions that come with being in public.

When my senses are gently & thoughtful activated, there’s really no harm that can come from it. Music helps, not to drown out the world around me, but to dull my own monkey chatter that can be toxic to achieving a calming, inner peace. This music doesn’t always have to be soothing or ocean waves. It’s really about how you react to your favorite music…it’s infectious in the best way!
Calming oils
Smelling something lovely can lift you out of a dark place and help you power through emails and tedious meetings. Lately I’ve been applying doTERRA cedar wood & wild orange on my temples and wrists. A deep inhale automatically brings my shoulders lower & more relaxed while refocusing my thoughts and vision.

Similar to enjoying calming, great smelling oils, candles offer deeply relaxing and sensual feelings; however, along wih that comes the classic at-home comfort candles tend to bring. I’m not sure why, but candles always make me feel pampered and in a safe, relaxing place where I can completely let go.

Fresh air
Whether you homebodies want to admit it or not, there’s literally nothing like a crisp mornig walk, or a cup of coffee on the porch. Fresh air can not only calm and soothe our senses, but it’s scientifically been proven to create a clearer perspective on relationship issues and work concerns. 

It may be the bright colors, or the restorative citric smells – either way fresh fruit instantly brings me to a happier self. And, although a bowl of mac ‘n cheese is hearty and filling, there’s a wholesomeness that comes with eating such a beneficial product. Happy body, happy mind!

Jewelry is great because we, purposefully or not, catch glimpses of it hundreds of times per day. I really love throwing on a stack that not only has stones with stress-relief properties, but also have emotional ties to them as well. Turquoise and agate stones really aid in stress management. I love putting on my Om agate bracelet . Every time I look down at it, I’m silently reminded to relax my muscles, thoughts and let go of all I cannot control.

My Happy Place
Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak is a meditation mantra I’ve referenced for many years. So much about life is external, so I really try and retreat internally, being mindful of all that I love and brings me joy. Mentally finding your happy place isn’t always easy. It’s almost like having an imagination as a child. Bringing your mind to a joyous place is not only good for continued mindfulness, but it also strengthens confidence and brings reassurance. Right now, I’m sliding my toes deeper into the Maui sand and stretching in the warm sun. Care to join?

Love & light,


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