My 8 Yoga Classroom Rules

Remember in elementary school when your class, collectively, came up with the ten rules of the classroom? Yoga class has its own set of rules, and some yogis aren’t abiding! To kick off today’s lesson, I’ll give you your first keyword: namaste. Namaste is a respectful form of greeting in Hindu custom, used both for salutation and valediction. Namaste, in Hinduism means "I bow to the divine in you". Now for my 8 yoga classroom rules:

Yoga practice shouldn’t be dead silent, but it’s respectful (like any class) to be quiet and listen to the instructor. Additionally, Savasana is not the time to release continuous and ongoing amounts of loud sighs and strange moans. You’d hear the general quiet if you weren’t groaning so loudly!

Clean practice is good practice
Come to class clean & shiny. This may seem like a given, but some people expect to sweat and don’t think to shower before class. Body odor can be super distracting, so bubble up before practice…plus, you never know who you could see there!

Chanel No. 5
In the same breath (as above) yoga practice typically doesn’t take place on the NYC runway, so save the fragrant perfume or body spray for your night out…also, your mat neighbors might not love it. 

Patience is a virtue
Even if you could be teaching advanced vinyasa 201 with headstands, be patient and respectful. Any yoga practice is beneficial to your mind, body & soul, so don’t rush through even the basics. Soak it all in!

No shoes, yes shirts
I don’t know if it’s because yoga practice is done in bare feet or people just want to get a little wild, but shirts should stay on during practice. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s very inviting to look at; however, it distracts your mat mates and isn’t practical. Take advantage of the fabulous yoga attire out there! Lorna Jane anyone? 

Prop it up
Yoga props are not a sign of weakness! I cannot stress this enough. I still use props and I’ve been practicing for over a decade. Props during practice support your body in poses that it could soon perfect. Props can also help deepen stretches and allow for more challenging poses. Grab them all!

Don’t panic if you’re late to practice. Everyone has their busy lives and you are no exception! Because yoga practice typically allows for some prep stretches and medication time prior, it’s better to be early; however, if you’re late just accept it and sneak in, quietly
P.s. don’t ever let tardiness make you skip class! Practice is practice no matter how short!

Clean up
Didn’t our moms used to say, leave the place a little better than when you found it? Well, mom was right again. No matter how many or few props you brought with you, you should always clean up your space and anything that you used for class. This especially pertains to those of you borrowing mats for the class - never forget to wipe them down.

Class dismissed!

Love + light,


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