Yoga Summer Jam

Midtown Athletic Club in Rochester NY: Yoga Summer Jam Review

People always ask me what I love most about yoga, and my answer is usually the inclusive positivity that always exudes practice. However, if you had asked me what I love most about yoga on June 19th in Rochester, I wouldn't have been able to decide. Midtown Athletic Club in Rochester, NY held a Yoga Summer Jam on its Great Lawn last weekend, and the experience was one for the books. 

Metallic Mandala tattoos were applied to practitioners by Lululemon reps, which was incredibly welcoming & chic. The colorful outdoor class began with all participants holding hands in a forward fold; fingers were interlaced with neighbors’. From then on, the vinyasa flow class kicked-off with an interchanging instructional team of four women leading in unison. 

Sounds of the nearby club pool and city breeze played in conjunction with the wildly talented, open-format turntablist DJ NAPS. Loud music and ripples of wave-like noises came from us yogis; inhales and shared open mouth exhales literally sounded like crashing high sea waves. 

The ballet-type flow class carried on with instructors walking through for thoughtful adjustments and support. With 15 minutes left of the class, it suddenly began to feel like Woodstock on the Great Lawn with a freestyle-like practice conclusion. Savasana was unlike any I’ve experienced…probably because of the rainbow confetti rocket launchers that were popped and covered us all. 

With our last group breath in unison, DJ NAPS took over with dance music that even the shiest participant couldn’t resist. Mats were moved to the outskirts of the lawn and everyone began to dance. Kombucha and water were offered as a cool break, and the dancing just kept going.

At a time I felt we all could have used some warmth & fellowship; this outdoor class gave me such regard and adoration. Yogis of all demographics covered the Great Lawn and, hand-in-hand, practiced together in complete & utter bliss. The positivity & inclusion that exuded the club that day could have been felt for miles & miles. Namaste. 

Love + Light,

Maria PannoComment