Sunday Reflection: And Now She's 4

It's true, I have no idea where the last year went. Isabella turned four today and today is also the one year mark from the day that I closed on my condo in Glen Ellyn to move back home to Milwaukee. 

Infinite Warrior has grown significantly in the last year as we've added on new locations, more states, and we've gone international. More employees, too! I can't imagine what another year will bring us. 

Bella turning four translates to her starting school in a couple weeks. Even though I'm super excited for her as I know she will love the opportunity to spend time with other kids her age and have a whole new learning experience, I'm going to miss my morning coffee dates and Target runs with her. 

Time does really fly when watching a little one grow. Don't forget to take time to sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Light + Love, 


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