Natural Foot Health

In striving to be healthy, we pay so much attention to what we put in our mouths, keeping our muscles strong, and clearing our minds. Often we forget the importance of the very thing that keeps us moving every day – our feet!

The soles of the feet are one of the best places to absorb natural remedies such as essential oils, Epsom salts, and herbal or mineral supplements. Try an immunity boosting blend of oregano, lemon, and eucalyptus oils for a cold. Magnesium spray or oil is great for sleep and Epsom salt soaks help detox the entire body.

Reflexology on the feet can help balance the entire body by just applying gentle pressure to specific points on the feet. Explore common reflexology points at this link:

Alignment of the feet can drastically impact the alignment of your entire skeletal system. If you are prone to walking on your toes or rotating your feet in or out while walking, your knees, hips, and back can pay the price. Invest in quality shoes with good support and look into custom shoe inserts that will help keep your feet naturally aligned no matter what shoes you wear.

Choosing the right shoes can also keep your feet feeling their best. Unfortunately those cute ballet flats and tall high heels are not the most supportive choices for footwear. Opting for a pair that have good heel and arch support is key, and be sure to keep an eye on proper sizing. Shoes that are too tight constrict the alignment of the bones in the feet and shoes that are too loose cause you to scrunch your toes, leading to other foot issues long term. If you must wear those heels, be sure to pay special attention to stretching your feet before and after wearing them and limit wearing them to only the most special occasions.

Show your feet some TLC and reap the total body benefits!

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