Things to Remember on Monday Mornings

Mondays are for fresh starts. Even though I always have said that I live for Friday mornings and weekends, I truly love Monday mornings. The chance for a brand new beginning always seems like the most fabulous opportunity. 

Do what you love and you'll never dread a Monday morning. I truly love what I do, so working seven days a week is actually fun and it often does not seem like work. 

There are new doors to open and old ones to close. I often start out Mondays with a list of new places I want to visit or try and I try to eliminate one thing that has become too routine that I simply don't need anymore. 

Put yourself at the top of your to do list right away on Monday morning and everything else will start to fall into place. I always start out my mornings, especially Monday mornings, with a little yoga and an hour of cardio. I feel much more energetic and I have a chance to start off with a clear head.

You're one day closer to your goal. I always have goals, whether they are daily, weekly, or monthly goals, I always revisit them on Monday morning. 

A great opportunity to set a new tone for the rest of the week. I always try to think of one of my favorite mantras, "my life makes Mondays look sexy." It makes me laugh but it's true. If you have that mindset, it's much more approachable. 

It's best to make the day count as you'll never get the day back. Why throw out a perfect opportunity to succeed? 

How do you face Mondays? Do tell!

Light + Love, 



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