Sunday Reflection: The Choice is Yours

Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different ending, make a different choice.

After two weeks of daily yoga practice in a studio, I'm living in this world of remembering what I truly love. It's all about being honest with myself and doing things that make me truly happy. My life has literally slowed down. I've learned once again to stop wishing for the weekend. I've for once become the person that no longer longs for special events on the calendar. It's about living in the moment and truly feeling like a human again. It's about acknowledging every moment and riding the highs and lows as if they are all filled with joy. That feeling of complete contentment. Now having that opportunity again of feeling so overwhelmingly grateful and calm has helped me realize how important time on my mat is.  

It's also about remembering that the answers that you're looking for never surface when the mind is busy, but instead that they arrive when the mind is still. It's funny how many of us have this idea of who we are and the reality is it's who we are pretending to be. It's so important to remember that you attract what you expect, and that you reflect what you desire. Soon you'll start to become what you respect, and you'll mirror what you admire. 

Light + Love, 


Maria PannoComment