You Are Enough

You are enough.

Today is National Day of Encouragement and the first thing that came to mind was one of my favorite mantras: you are enough. I remember the first time I heard one of my gurus say that in class, I wasn't even able to wrap my head around what that meant. 

Sometimes encouragement isn't something that you can wait for externally, often it is something that needs to happen internally. The thought of, "you are enough" is something that started to really resonate with me when it came to self encouragement. 

Days where I feel like I didn't get enough work done, I didn't make enough connections with my yoga community, didn't have time to make a lavish dinner, are all days when I really need to check back in with myself. I need that friendly reminder that it was the best I could do and that I am enough. 

What do you do for self encouragement?

Love + Light,



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