Creative Living for a Healthier Life

Today is National Live Creative Day – let’s celebrate with some therapeutic ways to express your creative side! Creative outlets can help you better express yourself, lower stress levels, cope with grief or loss, or even feel more accomplished. There are so many ways to get the creative juices flowing, so don’t fret if you aren’t a professional artist or musician! Let’s take a look at a few easy creative activities you can try today!

Try a painting night – You can find some fun guided painting classes – and grab a glass of wine – at many local bars or studios. Splash Studio in Milwaukee hosts a variety of classes, all guided by an artist, where you all paint the same picture but you are able to put your own creative spin on it! This is a great way to get your friends together, get creative, and unwind.

Take a dance class – Movement is incredibly creative, plus you get to double dip on the health benefits by staying active at the same time! Many gyms and community centers offer different kinds of dance classes including modern, hip hop, jazz, and more.

Try your hand at writing – If you have never written before, start with just jotting down notes, lists, or thoughts throughout the day. Eventually you can turn these entries into stories, poetry, or even lyrics. You can take creative writing classes at most community centers if you’d like a hand getting started!

Tickle your funny bone – improv comedy is a fun (and funny) way to express your creativity. Most comedy clubs offer an interactive improv show or workshop that you can do with a group or you can even invite your friends over and play an improv style board game! There are lots of options on Amazon.

Start small – my favorite first step to incorporating more creativity in your life is coloring. Ever wonder why coloring is such a great activity for kids? It distracts and relaxes the mind. There are so many beautiful adult coloring books out there now that feature wildlife, mala designs, or even – beautifully drawn – swear words. Have kiddos at home? Borrow one of their coloring books! You get all the same benefits, even if you don’t stay in the lines.

Post a photo of your creative outlet today and tag us! Use #IWgetscreative so we can share your creativity with the tribe!



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