Women's Health and Fitness Day - 5 Tips to be Your Healthiest Self

Let’s celebrate our health, ladies! Today is Women’s Health and Fitness Day and we want to share some specific health tips just for women. From nutrition and fitness to stress management, we’ve got you covered!

1.       Supplement your Iron and Calcium. Iron will not only prevent anemia, but also helps keep your immune system in fighting shape. Calcium supplements are imperative for women as bone density begins to decrease in your mid-twenties. You can get most of your vitamins through diet, but these two are especially important to supplement to ensure you’re getting enough.

2.       Lift Heavy. So many of us have fallen victim to the cardio rut. We want to burn calories but don’t want the bulk that comes along with lifting heavy weights. Let’s share a secret – you won’t bulk up just from lifting weights! Not only does weight lifting burn more calories than cardio, it also burns calories longer after your workout and helps to strengthen your bones!

3.       Stress less. Women tend to fill their plates with work projects, social obligations, and family responsibilities. This tends to leave us exhausted and spread entirely too thin. Manage your stress by better managing your calendar. Be sure to schedule everything realistically by including commuting times and leaving a cushion when a meeting or lunch might run longer than expected. Also, place your personal and family time on that calendar too! That is just as important as your obligations to other people. Write in an hour of relaxation for a bubble bath or mani/pedi. Clear a Saturday to take the kids to the park and read a book. Before you know it, you’ll have time to spare and a more peaceful outlook.

4.       Set a date with your doc. Even if you live the cleanest, healthiest lifestyle, you are still at risk for certain illnesses. By keeping up with your screenings, you can catch any health risks early and take the necessary steps to maintain your healthiest self. Many doctors are now more open to the natural lifestyle, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and voice your opinion about your care. It is ultimately your body and your decision – just make it an informed decision by getting the recommended screenings each year!

5.       Reduce your exposure. Toxins are unfortunately unavoidable these days. You can however protect yourself and reduce your exposure by making smart choices and simple changes. Swap out your beauty products and body products with natural versions. Not only do these products still perform, but they will not deposit any harmful chemicals into your body. Choose organics when possible – you can start by using the dirty dozen and clean fifteen lists as a guide. Lastly, exchange your household cleaners (including dish soap, laundry detergent, and even paper products) with natural or eco-friendly products. You can even make many of these at home for a fraction of the cost and with just a few simple ingredients! These small steps go a long way toward reducing your exposure to environmental toxins.

Following these 5 tips will start you on your path toward wellness and specifically being a healthier woman. Share which tip you will be trying first and tag us! Use #IWwomenshealth and we will share your post with our tribe!

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