Back to School

The minute I woke up this morning I realized how this was the last Sunday before our new life begins. School life, that is. We just celebrated the little buzzer's 4th birthday and yet I often feel like we were just celebrating her birth! 

Starting off our Sunday with yoga followed by brunch at the park seems to be our end of summer routine. While sitting there on our picnic blanket I mentioned that we had to get school supplies before school starts on Tuesday. I went to find the email to gather the list and see what we all needed to get. The usual paper goods were on there, Kleenex, paper towels, and napkins for snack time. One thing on her list grabbed my attention again, much like it did the first time I read her list. She needed a plant. How fun is that? Never had I ever had such a fun school supplies list. 

Cue: adventure! Our next stop after the park was Trader Joe's and that's exactly where the plant shopping began. Somehow we managed to be one with the times and we ended up getting the cutest "purple" succulent in this turquoise colored mental container. Guess who had to carry home that coveted succulent on her lap on the ride home? She was so proud and naturally cannot wait to take it to school with her on Tuesday. 

I sit here thinking back on all of the night before school preparations I have had in the past. The excitement level was unreal and honestly I'm starting to wonder who is more excited for her to start school this week. She really has no idea about all of the fun that she is going to have meeting new friends, cultivating those relationships, learning, growing, and interacting with other mini humans that are her age. I loved school and I still do to this day. No one will be surprised hearing that I will be living vicariously through little mini as she starts this next journey in her life. 

Sit back and await the pictures from her first day. I'm still up in the air on how I will react on her first day of school. I am going to miss my coffee date, but I'm confident she will entertain the thought of going after. 

Light + Love, 



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