How To Start a Self Care Routine

The new year is a great time for fresh beginnings - a time to reflect and make changes for the better. So many people focus on saving more money or losing weight, but we want to focus on something more personal this year. Self care.

What is self care? It is finding out what you need (physically, mentally, emotionally) and providing it for yourself. Some examples of self care include stress relieving rituals like taking a bubble bath or meditating, reading a good book, or even just allowing yourself time to get adequate sleep. Seems simple enough, right?

Self care is easier said than done. Many of us feel guilty when taking time for ourselves or could think of 10 more productive things to do rather than practice self care. The key is to start small and begin to view self care as a priority. To do this, begin by scheduling self care time. Actually schedule it in your phone's calendar or your planner and devote anywhere from 15-60 minutes to your most needed practice. This might be setting aside 15 minutes before you go to bed to read a book you love or waking up 20 minutes early so you can enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch. Whatever it is, treat it with the importance it deserves.

Next, build on this idea. Make self care part of your routine (#SelfCareSunday exists forareason right?). For me, Sunday mornings are for crossword puzzles and Monday mornings I like to write out my planner for the week. These two items keep me relaxed and balanced when finishing one week and beginning another.

What self care routine are you adding to your schedule this week? Share it on Instagram and tag us in your post so we can share it with the tribe!

Maria PannoComment