Kitchen Gadgets for Clean Eating

Many of us are committing to eating clean for the new year and what better excuse to pick up a few new toys for the kitchen? Here are our favorite picks to help you maintain your healthy eating resolution all year!

1.       Spiralizer – turning your veggies into pasta is a great way to sneak in more nutrients! You can find tons of great veggie pasta recipes on Pinterest.

2.       Immersion blender – make smoothies, sauces, soups, and more – this tool is quick and convenient, no more excuses!

3.       Instant Kettle – perfect for tea and coffee, but also makes oatmeal a quick and easy breakfast!

4.       Good Knife Set – a good knife set makes it easier and more enjoyable to prep fresh produce. Remember to keep your knives sharpened!

5.       Water bottle – be sure to pick one that you are excited to use and will commit to filling multiple times a day to help you stay hydrated!


Maria PannoComment