Top 5 Hot Yoga Classes

There's still a little bit of winter left and it can be tough to stay motivated when it's so cold outside. Hot yoga is not only a great option to keep you active and detox your body, but it is a nice break from the frigid weather! Here are a few of our favorite hot yoga classes:

1. Yoga Six Hot Yoga (multiple locations) - This class is a great way to start a hot yoga practice as the sequence is the same each time. This way, you can get used to the flow of the class and really soak up the heat of the room.

2. Yoga on High (Columbus, OH) - One of the largest yoga studios in Columbus, Yoga on High offers hot yoga for a variety of experience levels. Many of the teachers put their own spin on the class so you can find a teacher and style you love!

3. Yoga by Degrees (Chicago suburbs) - This is actually where I first started practicing and was certified. Some of my favorite gurus are a part of this amazing group of yogis. 

4. Milwaukee Power Yoga (Milwaukee, WI) - This is where I practice now and I love the chance to have a vinyasa practice in a heated studio here in Milwaukee. I've taken the 6AM classes as a nice morning wake up call and I also enjoy the 8:15PM candlelight flow. 

5. Sweat Power Yoga (East Longmeadow, MA) - One of our latest members of our reseller tribe. Incredible energy and an opportunity to get your mind clear and sweat on. Yes please! 

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