The Right Kind of Resolutions

New Years resolutions can be tricky and let's be honest... how long do we really stick to them? Most of us lose interest by February and end up feeling more disappointed than anything else. We have compiled a few tips to make your New Year seamless.

1. Set an attainable goal for 2017. What is something you would like to complete? Be specific. Losing weight or saving money is too vague and can set you up for failure. Running your first 5k or saving $1000 are specific, attainable goals which you can build on throughout the year. Be sure your goal has a deadline so that you can keep an eye on your progress!

2. Make yourself a mantra. If you are not ready for a major life change, just pick a mantra for your year. If you are looking to eventually ask for a promotion, your mantra should reflect your self worth. If you are hoping to do something scary like move cross country, make your mantra about your strength or bravery.

3. Put a positive spin on your resolution. Instead of losing weight, commit to eating more vegetables or taking a yoga class 2x a week. Instead of spending less on material goods, practice more gratitude for what you have. You'll be much more likely to stick to a resolution that allows you to gain something rather than giving something up!

Maria PannoComment