5 Foods You Should Be Juicing Today


We have all heard about the amazing benefits of juicing, but how do you know what foods can be juiced and what the healthiest options are? Start with these 5 staple foods to make basic juices and then start adding some of your other favorites to create amazing recipes all on your own!

1. Apples - One of the best bases for juice is organic apples. They produce a lot of base juice and naturally sweeten vegetable juices and greens.

2. Lemons - This antioxidant powerhouse is a great addition to any juice and a little goes a long way - start with half a lemon per serving. Want something sweeter? Try a meyer lemon for a strong citrus flavor reminiscent of summer lemonade.

3. Cucumbers - Loads of H2O here! Cucumbers make a light, hydrating base for any juice and the mild flavor can be paired with so many different ingredients including greens, herbs, and even just a basic cucumber and lime juice!

4. Carrots - Talk about a boost of beta-carotene! Adding 3-4 medium carrots to your juice packs an incredible nutritional punch without sacrificing flavor. Remember our Sweet Potato Creamsicle Juice from February (You can find it in the nutrition section of our blog)?

5. Beets - Not your first choice? Not surprising, but beets are incredibly nutritious and can taste good when mixed in the right recipe. Start with an apple base, add half a lemon, a 1/2-1 inch chun of fresh ginger, and 1-2 beets. You can add a bit of natural sweetener like stevia or honey if it is still to "earthy" for your liking.

Bonus: Ginger! Adding a small piece of ginger to any juice recipe is a great way to boost your immune system and add some spice to a recipe. All you need is a small, peeled chunk of fresh ginger root and you can toss it right in the juicer with the rest of your produce!

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