Ten Great Resolutions - It's Not Too Late to Start!

Having trouble coming up with a great new years resolution? Let us help! Here are a few of our favorites so far:

1. Write in a journal for 10 minutes each day - make a list, draw a picture, write a memory, be creative!

2. Get on your mat every single day (even if it is only for a few minutes) to create a healthy habit

3. Host a monthly gratitude practice with your friends - open a bottle of wine and write down what you are grateful for

4. Stay in touch with family and friends - make a list of people to keep in touch with and set a reminder on your phone or computer to reach out to them! (Bonus points if you actually visit them in person!)

5. Try one new food every month for all of 2017 - make it healthy and get creative with new recipes!

6.  Volunteer with one new cause every month. You might even find you really enjoy working with an organization and continue volunteering your time!

7. Get healthy. Instead of focusing on losing weight lie so many people do, make a commitment to change a health marker such as lowering your blood pressure, improving your run times, or simply being active every day.

8. Hydrate! This is tough one for most of us, but it impacts your health in so many ways. Invest in or make your own water bottle with set markings to keep you on track throughout the day and aim for at least 64oz of water per day minimum.

9. Start saving. Whether you have a specific goal in mind like vacation or a new car, or if you just want to build up your safety net, create a plan to automatically set aside a certain amount of money from each paycheck and watch your savings account grow!

10. Embrace change. Whether this comes as a major life event or just realizing that your plan for 2017 isn't working out like you thought it would, be ok with change and use it as an opportunity to start fresh!

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