Healthy Date Ideas for Your Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we have been talking about great ideas for fun (and healthy) ways to celebrate!

1. Try a farm to table restaurant and enjoy great conversation over a local, organic meal.

2. Get creative at a couples paint night! One of our favorite places is Splash Studio in Milwaukee. Painting is a great way to bond and it also helps reduce stress and boost happiness!

3. Take a partner yoga class. Couples who sweat together, stay together!

4. Bond over a different kind of cocktail. Stop into your local juice bar and taste test some healthy blends. Better yet? Scour pinterest for some recipes and juice a few yourself!

5. Stay in and cook a healthy meal together. Incorporate lots of fresh, light ingredients and even dip your own chocolate strawberries for dessert! 

Maria PannoComment