Happy Singles Awareness Day!

You don’t have to be coupled up to enjoy the most romantic month of the year! Try one of these fun solo activities and show yourself some love!

Spa day – What better way to pamper yourself than with a solo spa day? Pick your favorite spa treatments and make a day of it. Wrap up with a healthy lunch and green juice to keep those good vibes flowing all day.

Yin or restorative yoga class – No need to pair up for yoga! Whether you want to sweat it out or melt into a restorative flow, enjoy your favorite yoga class and really savor that savasana

Try a new restaurant – The nice part about being single? You can eat wherever you want without the annoying “what do you want to eat?” conversation with your better half. Grab a table for one at your favorite restaurant and enjoy a book

Shop til you drop – Ok, you can invite a friend for this one if you really want but retail therapy is always a great way to enjoy some alone time. Bonus points if you shop local!

Dive into a good book - Savor some peace and quiet and get lost in a good read! Check out the best Kindle downloads and try something new!


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