Boost Your Vitamin D Intake with These 5 Foods

1.       Eggs – be sure to eat the whole thing to get the nutrients found in the yolk!

2.       Fatty Fish – tuna and salmon are great choices

3.       Fortified Dairy or Orange Juice - most milks (vegan options included) and orange juices now include added vitamin A and D

4.       Whole Milk Cheeses - be sure to avoid low fat or fat free as you need natural fats to help absorb vitamin D

5.       Cod Liver Oil or Other Vitamin D Supplements - You can get Vitamin D in tablets, drops, and even powders to add to your food!

BONUS - A great source of Vitamin D is natural sunlight, but how can you soak up the sun in the middle of winter? Try a natural sunlight lamp like this one: NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light


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