Coloring for Mental Health

Creativity has been shown to be a major player in mental health therapy, but what do you do when you aren't a natural born Picasso? Adult coloring books and apps have been gaining popularity over the past year and they are good for more than passing the time.

Adult coloring books have been shown to help boost focus and concentration as well as reduce stress. Coloring can even boost intelligence by engaging creative and problem solving parts of the brain.  Coloring blocks the triggers of boredom and lack of control for those with obsessive compulsive disorder, addiction, and even eating disorders.

You can invest in an adult coloring book like this one featuring beautiful mandala designs or try out one of many apps to take your coloring on the go. This is a great practice while you are waiting for a yoga class to start, taking your lunch break, or even while you drink your morning cup of coffee!

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