Best Natural Supplements for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to take a close look at your current supplements and make some updates! Line up all of your supplement bottles and start by checking your expiration dates and anything that may have been damaged (has it been exposed to sunlight, heat, or moisture? You may want to throw those compromised bottles out!).

Next, determine what you take on a daily basis... A basic multivitamin or a formula specialized for your needs is a great staple to start with! Most people need extra vitamin D and some source of DHA. Be sure that anything else you are taking regularly is something you actually need. Did you add B12 to your diet when you were trying vegetarianism? Maybe you started taking iron when your old physician recommended it to you but you're not sure why you still take it? Ask a dietician for recommendations on what you should actually be taking, you might be surprised how little you need!

Lastly, check into your seasonal needs. You may want to take nettle or zinc if you struggle with seasonal allergies. Try a protein powder if you find yourself eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, but missing out on your major protein sources. You might even want to add magnesium or potassium to keep your fluids balanced with the warmer weather and especially if you are starting to do more cardio out in the nice weather!

Always consult with your doctor before taking supplements or making changes to your supplement routine!

Maria PannoComment