How Yoga Helped Me During Pregnancy and Labor

We all know that yoga offers an endless number of benefits, both physical and mental. What I didn't realize until very recently (2 months ago to be exact), is that yoga was going to play a major role in getting me through a natural birth.

Not only did my prenatal yoga practice keep me active, it helped with the aches and pains that come along with a growing belly. It also helped keep me in tune with my body during all of those changes. I was able to use my time on the mat to tune into baby and quiet all the other noise going on in my life.

Many people find yoga helps them relieve stress and that was definitely no different when I was pregnant. Everything about having a baby had me worried from making sure we were prepared with all of the tiny baby items you have to buy to actually giving birth. Yoga offered me a bit of solace during an otherwise hectic time in my life.

The biggest benefit of all was definitely how yoga helped me through the birth of our baby. Admittedly, I had a birth plan set and thought that everything would go according to plan. Sure, I was willing to be "flexible" but I wouldn't need to, right? Wrong, so wrong. Birth was a much different experience than I had pictured and the one thing that our nurse kept telling me was "wow, you're doing really great at breathing through all of this!". Thank you, yoga, for being there for me through it all!

(Please always check with your physician before starting a new exercise regimen, especially if you are expecting!)

Maria PannoComment