5 Mother's Day Treats Any Mama Would Love

We want to make mom feel super special this weekend, so we came up with 5 simple ways to say thank you! How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? Share with us in the comments below!

1.       Surprise her with her favorite meal. Maybe she loves a homemade brunch or chicken parm for dinner. Having her favorite foods (and not having to cook) is a great gift! Don’t forget to handle the dinner dishes for her too!

2.       Reminisce. There is nothing more fun than sharing old stories and going through family albums together. Put together some of your favorite family photos and write down your best memories of your mom.

3.       Get outside! Mother’s Day weekend should be one of the first nice weekends of the year for most of us. Have lunch on the patio or spend some time at an outdoor market together.

4.       Make new memories. Treat your mom to an experience rather than a gift. Take a painting class with her or check out a local public garden.

5.       Bring her flowers. Not a bouquet that only lasts a few days…plant some flowers for her so that she can enjoy them all summer!

Maria PannoComment