5 Mantras For Body Confidence

It is easy during the warm months to become more critical of your flaws. There is a ton of pressure right now to show more skin and get a “beach body”. This pressure affects everyone differently, but we could all use a little extra love these days. Write a mantra on paper and place it somewhere that you will see it daily like on your bathroom mirror or even as the background on your phone! Try these 5 mantras or write your own and share it in the comments!

1.       I am strong. I am beautiful. I am enough. – Vanessa Pawaloski

2.       I am not defined by my appearance.

3.       I love myself. I respect myself. I am beneath no one. – Jim Kellner

4.       I love my ____________. (Be specific!)

5.       I am grateful for all the things my body allows me to do.