How To: Beautiful Smoothie Bowls

Are you drooling over the beautiful smoothie bowls popping up all over Instagram? Lucky for us, these bowls are super easy to make at home. Follow these basic guidelines to make a healthy, tasty, and Instagram worthy breakfast!

1.       Blend: Use a combo of fruit, veggies, and protein to keep your bowl light and healthy. Avoid added sweeteners – the fruit should supply your natural sugars.

2.       Top: sliced fruit, shredded coconut, a handful of nuts or granola…be creative!

3.       Drizzle: yogurt, maple syrup, and fruit purees make tasty, decorative additions to your bowl.

4.       Sprinkle: light toppings such as puffed quinoa or chia seeds can be sprinkled on top at the end.

5.       Snap: Don’t forget to share your creation with us on IG!

Want to up your smoothie bowl game? Add premium toppings like bee pollen, maca root powder, raw cacao nibs, or even matcha tea! Need an extra boost? Caffeinate your bowl with espresso beans!

Send us your best smoothie bowl recipe and you could be featured on our Instagram page!