Holy Macaroni! Try these tasty macaroni mix ins this weekend

Happy Macaroni Day! We don’t really need a reason to eat mac and cheese, but how else would we celebrate this national holiday? The IW team had a blast coming up with this list of macaroni mix ins. Which one are you going to try first?

  • Bacon (naturally). Not the healthiest choice, but who can resist cheese and bacon?? Opt for turkey bacon and cut your fat and sodium intake!

  • Broccoli. This one takes us back to being a kid, when mom would tell you to eat your veggies!

  • Bread crumbs. Nothing beats a crispy topping on baked mac and cheese!

  • Beer. Hear us out…. Mixing a little bit of your favorite brew into your cheese sauce gives it a seriously tasty twist.

  • More cheese? Switch up your cheese to create interesting flavor combos. Our fave? Smoked Gouda or Havarti – both melt into super gooey cheese sauces.


    Celebrate responsibly!