Amethyst - The Insomnia + Cancer Immunity Stone


It’s no secret that purple is my favorite color, so it seemed like an appropriate time to tell you more about amethyst. I really love how protective this stone is as I often wear it when I travel since it is strong enough to protect me from ill wishes from other people. The stone itself has been coined a natural tranquilizer as it helps soothe irritability along with stress. It’s a great anxiety stone as it helps eliminate feelings of anger, fear, as well as balance out the hormones (mood swings).

As of late, friends have reached out to me regarding a stone for grief. Amethyst immediately came to mind as it’s a stone that offers both inner peace and healing which allows for the balance of body, mind, and soul. The stone magically takes the weight of that emotional stress and allows for a positive transformation. I have noticed many yogis use this stone in their practices and I’m not surprised as it’s a stone that is great for meditation with its ability to calm the mind. It also has the ability to help awaken the spiritual side of the being.

One of the most common things that people ask me for help with is help with sleep. This stone is great for insomniacs as it releases tension, calms the mind, as well as alleviating sadness and grief. Beyond helping ward off nightmares, amethyst helps you both remember and understand your dreams. This stone also offers has the incredible ability to stimulate the mind which helps with focus, enhancing memory, and improving motivation.

Truth be told, this is the stone I most often recommend for cancer. It’s unbelievable how this stone takes on a a whole separate piece of being to alleviate physical pain and help strengthen the immune system and entire body itself from cancer. It destroys malignant tumors while helping with tissue regeneration.

Amethyst is connected to the third eye and the crown chakra. The stone is connected to many of the Zodiac signs, all of which are given balance with amethyst. The signs associated with it are Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

So when I’m asked about a sleep stone, one for cancer, and or one for grief, this is the stone that immediately comes to mind. For those that aren’t into purple, the flower amethyst is the perfect fit as it’s shades of purple with both a caramel coffee color and a creamy white.

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